Hobbs Orchard was founded in 1991 by Sandra and the late Alex Hobbs.

Running an Orchard was a great lifestyle to bring up a family and because the Fruit Stall was open 5-6 months of the year, their children Sam and Ruby were introduced to the Fruit Stall as babies. 

Sam started as a five month old in the 1992-93 season but Ruby was born two weeks before the Stall opened for the 1994-95 season so was thrown in the deep end from an early age! 

It was a wonderful childhood for them growing up on the Orchard and they both have treasured memories of this time.
For over 20 years things ticked away nicely.

Sandra ran the Fruit Stall, packing the orders and stocking the Stall, all whilst raising two young children, looking after Aunty Belle and keeping the household running.

Alex ran the Orchard and was in charge of picking and other Orchard tasks as well as liaising with the Pick-Your-Owners.

Sam and Ruby would help out wherever they could and once they were old enough, worked alongside their parents during the season.
 On December 24 2011 tragedy struck with the sudden passing of Alex.
His death came suddenly, a few days after a fall on the Orchard. After a lot of careful thought and discussion, the decision was made to carry on with the Orchard.
On April 1 2012 Sandra, Sam and Ruby formed the Hobbs Family Partnership and the rest is history.